Hear what our clients are saying about Unlocked Fitness:

"The enthusiasm Byron and Joy have for fitness and improved health is contagious. I started taking their Bootcamp classes in February 2016 to augment my weekly running routine. I went in thinking I was in good shape only to discover I had a long way to go! In only a few months, my overall fitness has increased dramatically. I am physically stronger and more toned than I have been in years; and I know this is just the beginning. Their positive and engaging coaching style and variety-packed classes make going to Unlocked Fitness a highlight of my week. For anyone who wants to unlock their fitness potential, this is the place to be!"
-Melissa C., El Dorado Hills

"Unlocked Fitness has changed our lives -- through fitness motivation, dietary health, and the embrace of family exercise.  I highly recommend Unlocked Fitness to anyone looking for a change with unconditional support and motivation.  Byron and Joy ROCK!"

-- Barry and Julie V. 

"I can't thank you guys enough for the support and encouragement.  I'm glad I made the move back.  I look forward to continue working towards my goals with you!"

-- Lindsay D.

"Unlocked Fitness has been life-changing to my health.  Joy and Byron are so motivational and inspiring.  Thank you for your support and keeping me dedicated."

-- Anna C.

"Truly amazing help in lowering my cholesterol by almost half -- 262 to 136!!!  Lost 20 lbs. since they opened in November and the classes are actually fun.

-- Dave C.

I love this gym so much.  I now want to come here every day!  Thank you.

-- Paige S. (age 9)

"The Spririt of Benny" Run

March 19, 2016

Team Unlocked

Tough Mudder Tahoe

June 2016